A Matter of Standard Practice

by Jason Skinner, CMO - Thursday, September 13, 2012

What happens when you cross cheesecake and patient care? A much better hospital.

Imagine walking into your favorite chain restaurant—and yes, even you foodies out there have to enjoy a McGriddle or Awesome Blossom every once in a while—and finding a completely different menu from the franchise’s other locations. Different pricing. Different ingredients. Different layout and even a completely different process for getting the food from the kitchen to your table. Sound familiar?

Atul Gawande found firsthand how a standardized approach to delivering care could benefit both patients and providers, when he went behind the scenes at the Cheesecake Factory. While no one would argue the advantages of personalized medicine, a more uniform approach to managing the care process can enhance efficiency, cut costs, and—most importantly—improve quality.

Here’s the link to check out the article, which is well worth 15–20 minutes: