At True North, we understand you need a thoughtful marketing partner that understands the challenges you face—and helps you make an impact through meaningful strategies that get results.

Case Studies

New Patient Acquisition Campaign Nets 83% Uplift in Revenue

A newly opened Interstate corridor creates opportunity for a health system seeking to reach prospective patients.

Joint Replacement Campaign Delivers More than 6:1 ROI

A midwestern health system leveraged IRM to drive profitable growth in a key service line.

Improving Payer Mix in the Emergency Department

A health system in the Northeast used data-driven marketing to deliver a 24-point uplift in share from the top three payers.


Research and White Papers

White Paper: Healthcare Marketing Outlook

True North recently hosted executive dialogues with thought leaders to discuss new payment models, delivery systems, and other reform initiatives. Here are excerpts from these captivating conversations about how changes are impacting marketing and communication strategies.

White Paper: Direct Mail 2.0

Don’t discount the power of the postcard. Even in an increasingly digital age, the tried and true target marketing tactic still plays a vital role in reaching your audience and driving results.

Research: Q1 2013 Healthcare Marketing Survey Report

Healthcare Insight recently surveyed 100 healthcare marketing executives on channel utilization, budget trends, and other key issues. Find out how your marketing plans and practices compare to peers in this industry report.


Q+A Library

How can I create effective calls to action?

Is print still a relevant part of the marketing mix?

How do direct mail conversion rates compare to digital marketing rates?

How can I provide an Annual Report that people actually want to read?

What are national standards for email performance?



HCIC 2013 Presentation: Eureka Moments for Marketers

Download the slide deck from our 2013 Healthcare Internet Conference presentation, which attendees called "outstanding...the best presentation of the year...intelligent and in show" among other feedback.

SHSMD 2013 Presentation on Data-Driven Marketing

Data analytics is a gamechanger for healthcare marketers. In fact, it’s been said there is no industry more likely to be affected by analytics in the next 5-10 years than health care. To arm marketers to excel in the era of Big Data, KishHealth System Director of Marketing/PR Theresa Komitas and True North EVP Eric Silberman presented this 45-minute discussion on leveraging data analytics to deliver higher profitability, decreased costs, and competitive advantage.


Healthcare Insight Magazine

Buried B.I. Treasure

  • Healthcare Marketing Outlook 2013—and Beyond
  • Speak Softly, Carry Big ROI
  • Direct Mail 2.0
  • A Marketer’s Treasure Trove
  • Key Insights from the 2013 Physician Summit

Be a Leader!

  • Sending a Clear Message
  • Data Analytics: The New Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare Marketing
  • Curbing Splitting Habits
  • Lots of Life Left in Low Tech
  • SHSMD 2012: 35 Fascinating Facts