Insurance Plan Members

Educate members of your health insurance plan about preventive care and when to enter the healthcare system to enhance client retention, reduce readmission, and support your cross- and up-sell strategies.

At least 20% of all patients who are admitted to a U.S. hospital make a repeat visit within 30 days of discharge.

(Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 2012)

True North delivers print and digital marketing solutions driven by market research for leading payer organizations nationwide.

  • Educate members and employees on preventive care and disease management.
  • Support member recruiting and retention strategies.
  • Drive cross-sell and up-sell opportunities by promoting new products and services.
A global insurance company’s digital edition was clicked on by 56% of recipients the first day it was received.
Find out how True North can help create a truly comprehensive marketing strategy for your insurance plan members.