Customer Relationship Management

To be successful as a healthcare marketer, you need a clear picture of the audience you're trying to reach and what's working or not — yet many times it feels as though you're searching for an elusive target through a murky lens. The audience is vague, the objective is unclear, and the ROI is almost impossible to prove to hospital leadership.

True North’s Intelligent Relationship Marketing (IRM) solution changes all that. Now you can bring strategy and measurement into sharp focus with a data-driven approach. Gone are the days of strategic uncertainty, making way for confidence and precision in every stage of campaign execution.

Imagine planning your yearly marketing strategy and, like most, you have very little data to support your plan. True North’s IRM platform is custom designed to answer your specific needs. Our expertise lies in the merging of consumer and patient data to tease out relevant information that will provide a well-defined roadmap to your strategic objectives. IRM has competitive advantages that guide your path to success.



By leveraging data analytics, you can get closer to current and potential patients — driving higher response and ROI. The time to take a data-driven approach to marketing is now. Work smarter without spending more — leveraging the power of data analytics at a price that is recouped many times over with patient revenue and ROI.

If you’re not satisfied with the status quo and need clarity with data insights, make the switch from hunches to business intelligence.

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